Why Choose JamTracker?
There is no need to study a boring user's guide, or memorize obscure keystrokes to score your next bout. JamTracker's scoring interface is straight forward, and intuitively mouse driven. While hot keys are provided and a user guide is available, we hope that you will not require them to get started. Scoring bouts has never been easier! One team has reported to have a 9 year old successfully scoring their scrimmages using JamTracker.
Designed with flexibility in mind JamTracker's scoreboard can be easily themed to match the style of your league, sponsor, or event beneficiary. Adding a background image and/or an overlay image gives the scoreboard a look and feel specific to your next event. In addition, the colors of the scoreboard can be easily adjusted to maximize visibility the in even the brightest venues. Best of all JamTracker will remember these settings, so the next time it is launched all of your work remains intact.
JamTracker does an excellent job of making it clear to the crowd which team is leading a jam, and how many jams each team has lead in the bout. Not only that, fans can look up at the board and clearly see the score of the previous jam.
JamTracker's settings are easily adjusted to fit the needs and rules of your next bout. Simply adjust the number of periods to be played, timeouts per team, and clock settings (period, jam, break, timeout and intermission). This flexibility makes JamTracker the obvious choice for supporting junior derby, scrimmages, exposition bouts, as well as WFTDA sanctioned bouts.
Your skaters work hard, and they deserve to be recognized! What better way recognize their dedication, then by putting their names and pictures on the scoreboard? JamTracker provides the ability to store skaters by name, number, and photograph. Best of all once you build a team roster you can save it on your computer, and load it again anytime! Why not send your saved team roster file to other teams that use JamTracker? Not only would this be convenient for them, but provides your team expectations on how they will appear another leagues scoreboard.
Everyone makes mistakes, and JamTracker is designed with this in mind. One click exposes the corrections panel, which will allow adjustments to almost every facet of the scoreboard. Immediately make changes to clock values, timeouts remaining, and scoring information. JamTracker even allows the score keeper to add time onto an expired game clock to extend a given period.